Founded in 2009, Undiscovered was born out of a common goal of a small group of promoters who all shared a passion for supporting live music. Working under the banner The Essex Music Network (EMA), they decided the best way to work together was to organise a music contest.

Not a original idea granted but what made this contest unique was that was to be run by people that are working within the industry, by people that wanted to help new & emerging artists, by people who are not in it for the money.

Since then, and as more and more industry professionals have become part of the EMA , Undiscovered has become a continuing project rather than a just an annual contest and is now part of work of the Essex Music Development Agency.

We aim to:

  • Help artists to get gigs
  • Offer artists development sessions
  • Offer practical advice and share information
  • Help raise artists profile
The project is managed by Essex Music Development Agency